Tokyo, Japan and Montreal, Canada — July 10, 2017 — Hitachi Systems, Ltd. (“Hitachi Systems”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), today announced that it will change the company name of Above Security Inc. to Hitachi Systems Security Inc. The re-branded Hitachi Systems Security, a global IT Security Service Provider headquartered in Montreal, has delivered comprehensive security solutions for the past 18 years. The organization will be led by President and CEO: Akira Kusakabe, whose vision includes resource and intellectual integration with the parent company Hitachi Systems and Hitachi group companies in order to protect current and future customers with enhanced, leading-edge security solutions.

The companies will leverage Hitachi Systems Security’s existing technology and security expertise to extend their market leading position and expand the capabilities of Hitachi Systems Security’s proprietary SOC operation platform ArkAngel. Today ArkAngel delivers a technology agnostic solution that ingests diverse security information and data in order to provide IT security teams a 360-degree view of their security posture and risk. While CEO Akira Kusakabe has seen the benefits of expanded global reach, improved technology, and deep security and compliance expertise since the Hitachi Systems purchase in 2015, a closer partnership with Hitachi Systems will empower the re-branded Hitachi Systems Security to serve customers more effectively through its advanced security technologies utilized by Hitachi Group Companies.

Currently, Hitachi Systems Security serves hundreds of customers globally from four Security Operations Centers (SOC’s) in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Switzerland. Further, the organization is expanding capabilities to Japan through a unique service portfolio combining the ArkAngel platform and Hitachi Systems’ “SHIELD SOC”, which is being utilized and increasingly adopted by local Japanese governments in order to deliver cloud security monitoring.

Organizations that utilize cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other emerging technologies have grown exponentially, and it is forecasted that needs will grow in parallel in such areas as smart city management, visualization of dispersed line environments in plants and unmanned facilities among others. Thus, while IT systems, web services and data are becoming increasingly important in society, the exploitation of information and system failure caused by malicious attacks are occurring frequently. In this environment, connecting critical systems including social infrastructure and services such as electricity, gas and water to IT networks relies significantly on robust security solutions.

Further, organizations realize that the principal threat to their reputation or brand has become security. The surge in breaches, the complexity and number of attacks, the sophistication of the malware they are seeing, and the increasing number of vulnerabilities due to new technologies coming online demands powerful, integrated technology and solutions.

Hitachi Systems Security is taking on the challenge of securing organizations from cyber to physical in a single, integrated solution. Organizations will have the benefit of realizing converged security across their enterprise and across geographies.

Security events and the related data of all types will be collected, classified, normalized, and analyzed in one platform; displayed in a single pane of glass to consistently assess an organization’s global security posture. Anomalies and threats, whether they are targeting business systems, intellectual property, sensitive data, or operational technology, can be uncovered more quickly and contextualized to allow for efficient response and effective mitigation.

The Hitachi Group is promoting the social innovation business globally to address the challenges facing our society in general and our customers in particular by providing targeted solutions with a combination of products, services and IT. In line with Hitachi’s vision and responding to the growing needs for security measures throughout the world, Hitachi Systems and Hitachi Systems Security are reinforcing their ties with the goal of providing new security services to address the global security gaps utilizing both companies’ technologies and SOC services, as well as the technologies and expertise of other Hitachi Group companies. Both companies are committed to the realization of a safe, secure society through providing advanced security services through collaboration, leveraging a wide range of emerging fields including big data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other leading-edge technologies.

Kansuke Kuroyanagi, Executive Officer of Hitachi Systems, said that “The security business is one of the most important IT services that will continue to grow in demand and complexity in the future. Hitachi Systems has the advantage of having built solid security service technology, expertise and solutions such as Japan-based Hitachi Systems SOC services.”

“The re-branding of Hitachi Systems Security will provide new opportunities to improve ties and strengthen services to ultimately provide innovative global and integrated services as a base of international standardized security operations that can be commonly used throughout the Hitachi Group. Moreover, through bolstering links with Hitachi Group companies that possess strengths in their respective fields, we aim to create pioneering IT services and vigorously deploy these to corporations all over the world.”

Fadi Albatal, Chief Strategy Officer of Hitachi Systems Security, said that “Our customers are unlocking value in new business models through new technology, optimized operational processes, data insights and delivering seamless customer experiences. Hitachi Systems Security is essential to keeping their employees, customers, and data safe and secure so that their focus can remain on driving this digital transformation.”

“Hitachi Systems Security as part of the Hitachi group companies is strategically focused on delivering innovative, global services and solutions that address various security challenges. Anticipating the growing scope and diversity IT infrastructures as well as the escalating demand for security services is a challenge. Hitachi Systems Security is uniquely positioned to solve that challenge now and in the future.”

Presented by Hitachi Systems – July 10, 2017

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