The North Lake Natatorium has served the Irving community well for more than 30 years. The facility opened in 1985 as the first indoor pool to serve Irving residents, the Irving Independent School District (IISD) and North Lake College.

The 50-meter pool is temperature-controlled and offers space for lap swimming and competition. It also includes a chair lift and special needs entry/exit ramps. It is the only Olympic-size pool in Irving and is used by IISD, USA Swim Club and other local schools for swim team practices and competitions. In addition, its convenient north Irving location provides a home to the Pirouettes of Texas synchronized swim team, as well as swim lessons, water aerobics classes and other recreational events. The pool is jointly owned by the City of Irving, IISD and the Dallas County Community College District.

More than 30 years of age and service means the facility needs an update to remain viable and useful. In early February, North Lake Natatorium will close for eight to nine months for remodeling. Renovations will include a new roof, locker/shower/toilet areas and HVAC system; upgraded plumbing, electrical, fire safety, lighting and communications/technology systems; a replacement of the pool liner; and a renovated pump room. The new roof will be constructed of lightweight materials, and it will feature glass panels at each end for natural light.

 The $6 million funding for the renovation is a great story of the partnership between the city and IISD. The school district, which depends on the facility for its high school swim teams, high school physical education classes and second grade SwimSafe program, has the budget to pay for the remodeling project, but does not have the operating budget to fully assume ownership of the facility. In contrast, the city — which administers Learn to Swim, lifeguard and recreational programs at North Lake — has the budget to continue operating the facility, but does not have to find the funds for the necessary remodeling. Working together  it’s a win-win for the entire community.

North Lake Natatorium 2017 remodel - artist's rendering

North Lake Natatorium Rendering. Photo Credit: City of Irving

Presented by City of Irving

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