North Campion Trail Opens to Residents, Visitors


Projects along the northern section of Campion Trail are progressing, and joggers, cyclists and nature lovers will continue to see work completed in areas affected by floods.

The work to repair infrastructure damage along sections of Campion Trail caused by floodwater releases into the Trinity River continues, and some sections of northern Campion Trail will remain closed at this time. Park patrons should be aware that some damaged sections and amenities are not yet safe for use. These areas have been isolated, and signs are posted to warn visitors to keep out. See Map

Trail sections that will remain closed until repairs are completed include:

  • Sam Houston Trail: Work has begun on the 500-foot section of the trail that collapsed. Safe portions of Sam Houston Trail are open, and an off-road route next to the levee is open for temporary use that provides a link between the northernmost loop of Campion and the remaining trail system. Repairs are expected to be completed in May 2017. See Map
  • T.W. Richardson, Bird’s Fort, California Crossing and Spring Trail parks: A number of river overlooks and nature trails were subjected to repeated flooding, which eroded the Trinity River banks and caused substantial damage and/or unsafe conditions at these locations. These areas remain closed as city staff reviews proposed repairs and replacements.
  • T. W. Richardson Park: The canoe launch remains closed to the public, and city staff are reviewing optional locations for replacement. See Map
  • Bird’s Fort Park: The damaged sewer line at the park has been repaired and replaced as necessary, and this section of Campion Trail is open for public use.

Parks and Recreation crews continue their work cleaning areas as reconstruction and repairs are completed, allowing the sections to open for recreational enjoyment as soon as possible. Visitors are advised to pay close attention to posted signage and detour markers.

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