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Irving is undergoing a makeover, from the new developments to the recurring replacement of infrastructure. Residents can stay up-to-date with the latest projects and developments in Irving by reviewing the list below and For more information, call (972) 721-2611.

New Construction and Developments
Irving Music Factory is taking shape. Piers have been installed on seven of the nine buildings. The first buildings to have foundation slabs poured are the parking garage and the amphitheater. More concrete pours for additional levels of the six-story garage are occurring weekly. The east side foundation of the amphitheater and main stage have been poured. Additional levels of the parking garage and the walls around the theater will be going up in the upcoming months, weather permitting. Work on all buildings is underway and the number of workers continues to expand as new subcontractors begin their portions of the project.

Water and Wastewater Main Replacements
The City of Irving’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Department is continuously working to replace the water and wastewater infrastructure throughout Irving. Replacing main lines that have met or exceeded their design life helps reduce backups, water quality issues, and other frequent repairs that cause inconveniences and disruptions to Irving residents, visitors and businesses. The streets below are slated to have water mains and/or wastewater mains replaced in the upcoming months. Questions about these projects can be addressed to the CIP Department at (972) 721-2611.

City Streets and Neighborhoods
A number of city streets and other areas are under construction, including:

  • State Highway 183 Utility Relocations
  • South Gloucester Street, from North MacArthur Boulevard to West Northgate Drive
  • Ridgewood Street, from Lawson Street to William Brewster Drive
  • Lawson Street, from Anderson Street to Ridgewood Street
  • Sterling Street, from West Esters Boulevard to Freeport Parkway North
  • Delaware Creek, from Singleton Boulevard to South Nursery Road
  • Recognition Point Drive, from Regal Ridge Parkway to East Grauwyler Road
  • Regal Ridge Parkway, from Recognition Point Drive to State Highway 114
  • South Irving Heights, from State Highway 356 to Old Irving Boulevard
  • Singleton Boulevard, from Lindy Lane to Old Irving Boulevard
  • Sam Hill Street, from North MacArthur Boulevard to Millswood Drive 
  • Millswood Drive, from Sam Hill Street to Mills Lane
  • Yorkshire Street, from King Richard Street to Highland Park
  • Nottingham Drive, from Yorkshire Street to Linden Lea
  • Huntingdon Drive, from Yorkshire Street to Locksley Chase
  • Highland Park Drive, from Yorkshire Street to the end of the cul-de-sac
  • Delaware Creek, from Live Oak Drive to Cripple Creek Drive
  • Embassy Channel, from Delaware Creek to State Highway 183
  • Glenwick Lane, from Pebblebrook Trail to Lake By Drive
  • Segundo Drive, from South Rogers Road to South MacArthur Boulevard
  • Evergreen Street, from Compton Avenue to 3902 Evergreen St.
  • North Harvard Street, from Pleasant Run Road to Briarcliff Drive
  • Harvard Court (entire street)
  • Keyhole Circle (entire street)
  • Keyhole Street, from Briarcliff Drive to West Northgate Drive
  • Hackberry Creek, from Cabell Road to State Highway 114
  • Anderson Street, West Rochelle Road to North Story Road
  • Anderson Street, from William Brewster Drive to Hillcrest Drive
  • Chisholm Trail, from Metker Street to New Haven Street
  • McCarthy Street, from Cartwright Street to DeWitt Street
  • Posey Drive, from 2714 Posey Dr. to Witton Street

For specific information on these and other projects, visit

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