Senter Park Recreation Center - Irving TX


Senter Park Recreation Center will be closed 12 p.m. June 8 through 12 p.m. June 9, as part of a statewide exercise designed to test the state’s hurricane evacuation plan. Led by the City of Irving Office of Emergency Management (OEM), the facility will be used as an evacuation shelter, hosting 120 “evacuees” from the Texas coast.

Several city departments will be participating in this exercise, as well as the Red Cross and Salvation Army. OEM staff will be treating this exercise as an actual event to test response functions to a sheltering event.

During the exercise, all regularly scheduled classes will be cancelled and the facility’s fitness center, gym and activity rooms are closed to the public. For addresses and information on all the city’s recreation centers, visit the Irving Parks and Recreation website.

Presented by City of Irving

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