The graduation rate in Irving ISD is steadily on the rise. The Texas Education Agency recently released official data for Cohort 2015 (students who began high school in 2011-2012 and were expected to graduate in 2015). The group in Irving ISD achieved a graduation rate of 93.1 percent, an increase of 4.9 percentage points from Cohort 2014.

All five high schools improved their graduation rate in 2015. Singley Academy, where the graduation rate was already at an impressive 98.5 percent in 2014, earned a perfect graduation rate of 100 percent. Rates at Irving High climbed 8.8 percentage points, from 87.4 in 2014 to 96.2 in 2015. MacArthur High School showed a gain of 3.1 percentage points, up to 94.1 percent, while Nimitz High School increased its rate to 91.8 percent, up from 89.1 in 2014. And at Cardwell Career Preparatory Center, the graduation rate improved a staggering 11.4 percentage points.

In addition to the number of graduates increasing, the dropout rate for grades 9-12 in Irving ISD has simultaneously dropped across the district. As a system, the dropout rate has been cut in half, dropping from 6.9 percent in 2014 to 3.3 percent for 2015.

Irving ISD Superintendent of Schools Jose L. Parra, Ed.D., said the district made this progress in graduation rates and dropout rates by having systems and people in place that create opportunities for every child to be successful. With systems in place like the INOVA Process, the Attendance Success Initiative and Triple M: Modern, Meaningful Mentoring, Irving ISD educators individualize instruction and create support systems that meet the unique needs of every child.

“Student achievement is about more than test scores or graduation rates,” Parra says. “Student achievement is about every child reaching his or her maximum potential – and that’s our primary focus.”

Irving ISD Celebrates More Than 2,100 Graduates, $22 Million in Scholarships

Approximately 26,000 people attended Irving ISD commencement ceremonies held Saturday for the 2,160 graduates, who earned more than $22 million in scholarships. The breakdown by school is as follows:


Photos from each graduation ceremony can be found on the district’s Photo Gallery.

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