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Alliance Family of Companies today announced the relocation of its corporate headquarters to a larger, more functional and modern office space near its former headquarters in Irving, Texas.

Alliance’s employees moved into the new headquarters on April 4, and officially celebrated the move with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday, June 3. The ceremony included members of the Greater Irving Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce. Then on Saturday, June 4, Alliance held a Street Carnival for employees, vendors and their families.

“This is a great way for all our employees and friends, and their families, to come together to celebrate our recent successes and move to the new headquarters,” said CEO Justin Magnuson.

The new headquarters, with more than 25,000-square-feet, is located in Suite 100 at 4545 Fuller Drive in downtown Irving. It features training and conference rooms, group huddle/lounge areas, a large reception space, lunch room, a fitness area, and large corner offices in the executive suite.

“The new larger space not only accommodates our growth we’ve experienced over the past three years, but positions us for expansion into global markets,” Magnuson said.

Alliance has maintained its aggressive growth trajectory in the first half of 2016, with revenue for the first quarter up 40 percent over Q1 2015, as the company continues to roll out new products and services across the country. Alliance continues to expand its in-home neurodiagnostic platform, which is now offered in 22 states and 28 distinct markets. Also, Alliance has made sleep testing, which allows patients to stay in their own homes, available nationwide. Its sleep program was established in 2006 and was historically only available to patients in North Texas.

In 2015, Alliance acquired both Telemedx Corporation based in Texas and Coastal Diagnotics Group of Florida. Telemedx operates the largest digital receiving center for EEG data in the world, providing services to nearly 300 hospitals across 35 states, while Coastal Diagnostics is the premier neurodiagnostics services provider in Florida. Expansion of both programs have contributed to the growth of Alliance in 2016, and are on pace to exceed 2016 forecasts.

“With our move, we are not only recognizing the rapid growth we’ve experienced recently, but proactively positioning our company for the future,” Magnuson said. “We are investing in research and development, and are taking advantage of cloud-based platforms to make significant transformations and contributions to the neurosciences community.”

“Over the next several months, expect to see great things from Alliance as we continue to innovate the delivery of healthcare services, making it more accessible and convenient for our patients,” he added.

About Alliance Family of Companies
Alliance Neurodiagnostics is the largest provider of in-home video monitored EEG in the country. We offer diagnostic testing with an emphasis on the innovative delivery of healthcare services that enables doctors to create treatment plans and improve our patients’ quality of life. We work with more than 500 physicians to serve patients in 35 states, providing comprehensive reporting for routine and ambulatory EEG services.  We monitor our patients during the testing to ensure accuracy and the quality of our services. Our services are supported by a cloud-based platform that allows physicians and neurologists to access and review patient data from anywhere in the world. We also provide sleep diagnostic testing nationwide to assist in identifying and treating suspected sleep disorders.

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