Initial Pavement Management Assessment Report Ready for Release


Last year, the Transportation/Streets Department began a Pavement Management Assessment for all public roads within the City of Irving. This program includes evaluating the pavement condition of all roads, capturing the data in a geodatabase and analyzing the results to assist in developing long-term funding and infrastructure maintenance strategies.

Fugro Roadware, the city’s engineering consultant, recently completed the pavement field assessment using its data collection vehicle, the Automatic Road Analyzer. Using lasers and high-definition cameras, the vehicle collected data to systematically and scientifically evaluate the pavement condition of the city’s nearly 1,400 lane-mile road network. Measures of the pavement’s structural condition and driver ridability are combined into a weighted average known as the Overall Condition Index (OCI). 

Now that the city and Fugro have collected data, the next step is to develop the funding strategy that will allow Irving to move forward on implementing a long-term pavement management solution.

View the initial Pavement Management Assessment

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