In order to identify the strongest local job markets in the United States, personal finance outlet WalletHub’s analysts compared the 150 of the most populated cities across 17 key metrics. The data set ranged from job opportunities to employment growth to monthly median starting salary. Irving ranked fourth in this list, citing the city’s excellent prospects for employment growth and higher than average monthly median starting salary, adjusted for cost of living.

WalletHub’s rankings of the City of Irving include (1 = best; 75 = average):

  • 4th – Employment Growth
  • 4th – Full-Time Employment
  • 7th – Monthly Median Starting Salary Adjusted for Cost of Living
  • 26th – Unemployment Rate
  • 26th – Safety (crime rate)
  • 31st – Job Opportunities
  • 32nd – Housing Affordability
  • 37th – Industry Variety
  • 38th – Median Annual Income Adjusted for Cost of Living
  • 42nd – Percentage of Workforce Living Under Poverty Line

To view the WalletHub repot, click here.

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