Irving announces that the rainfall across North Texas over Thanksgiving weekend caused the water levels of Grapevine and Lewisville Lakes, as well as the Trinity River, to rise.

Because of these increased water levels, Irving has closed several parks and trails to ensure the safety of all users. While water levels have receded in some areas, city staff is inspecting sites and assessing damage to determine safety.

The affected parks and trails are listed below.

North Campión Trails: Staff is inspecting areas that are accessible and assessing damage. Several areas of trail are under water. All North Campión parks and trails are closed.

Twin Wells Golf Course: Closed due to increased water levels.

Mountain Creek Preserve: The park is closed due to high water levels. Staff is unable to assess damage in the park area.

Mountain Creek Preserve: The park is closed; the entry road into the park and the Hunter Ferrell Landfill remains underwater in this area. Crews are unable to assess damage.

In addition, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is expected to begin releasing water from Grapevine and Lewisville Lakes this week. This will further raise the water levels of the Trinity. Visit for the latest updates.

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