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The City of Irving continues to monitor the State of Texas’ implementation of legislation requiring a study and report on seismic activity in our state.

During the most recent legislative session, Texas approved a $4.5 million allocation to the Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) at the University of Texas at Austin to purchase equipment and produce a report on seismic activity by the end of 2016. The City of Irving’s efforts during the legislative session to increase the state’s efforts to monitor and report on seismic activity helped lead to the funding allocation. Irving officials continue to monitor the program’s progress.

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As of the end of September, the Bureau had issued requests for quotes to purchase equipment and was advertising to fill technical and management positions to operate TexNet – the permanent network of seismic monitors – and to produce a report. The Bureau plans to have a permanent network of monitors installed later this calendar year and also will purchase sets of portable equipment that can be moved around the state as needed to monitor seismic hot spots should they occur.

Additionally, city officials continue to communicate with Southern Methodist University (SMU) seismologists who deployed 12 seismometers in our area last January. The scientists have been studying data collected since then.

SMU has conducted most of the seismic monitoring done to date in Irving and North Texas, and the BEG’s efforts would include using data SMU already has gathered as well as including the SMU team in the broader study going forward.

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