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Hoping to better address the threat posed by cyber criminals, Trend Micro International said Wednesday it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire HP TippingPoint, an Austin-based operation that offers “next-generation intrusion prevention systems and related network security” options.

Trend Micro is a Japanese-based provider of security software that has been rapidly expanding its U.S. headquarters in Irving. An official with Trend Micro likened the purchase of the Hewlett-Packard Co. unit to a joint task force of law enforcement agencies all focused on the growing cyberthreat that has hit companies as diverse as Target and Sony.

“Security is not a silver bullet,” said Wael Mohamed, Trend Micro’s chief operating officer. “You cannot just have one answer to everything, especially with the hackers becoming smarter and smarter. We are strongly hopeful that this combination will be very, very helpful to strengthen our battle against the hackers and protect our customers.

“We feel the combination will help reduce the very sophisticated and frequent attacks that we’re seeing,” said Mohamed, who described TippingPoint as a pioneer in the field of intrusion prevention.

The acquisition is valued at about $300 million and is Trend Micro’s largest U.S. acquisition in at least five years, Mohamed said. The deal, which is expected to close late this year or early next year, doubles the size of the company’s Texas operation. About 300 workers, mostly in Austin, will join forces with the roughly 300 workers in Irving. Mohamed said the Irving office had about 100 workers just three years ago.

The TippingPoint acquisition boosts Trend Micro’s ability to offer “threat defense solutions spanning endpoints, network, data center and the cloud,” the company said in a release. Trend Micro also will combine current and acquired strengths to create a Network Defense business unit in Austin, serving more than 3,500 enterprise customers.

The sale of the TippingPoint security business is part of a much wider corporate restructuring, which will break HP into HP Inc. and HP Enterprise later this year. HP acquired TippingPoint when as part of its purchase of 3Com in 2009.

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