Irving Flooding Update

Presented by City of Irving


The City of Irving is providing an update on the recent flood impact, including repairs to the sanitary sewer system, the status of parks and trails, and Lake Carolyn’s water quality.

North Texas Lakes
The storage pools at Lakes Grapevine, Lewisville and Ray Roberts reserved for flood water are still full, and increased releases into the Elm Fork Trinity River are expected to continue for the next few months. These large releases result in above normal flows and higher river levels downstream, which affect Irving. In short, water levels along the Elm Fork in Irving are not expected to return to normal for several months.

Regulatory Public Notice Issued
The receding water levels are revealing additional damage. Yesterday, the city identified a discharge from its sanitary sewer system on the east side of Riverside’s 5500 block. This is another part of the city’s system near the Elm Fork that has been impacted by the continued flooding and surcharging of the pipes and manholes. This particular manhole – which previously was underwater – remains partially flooded, making repair access very difficult. However, repair work is expected to begin soon.

This event met the threshold for reporting to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), the public and other designated public officials. In addition, a list of media that received the notice was provided to the TCEQ, as required, to ensure the city is in compliance with the agency’s requirement to notify the public.

Continuing Efforts
As the river level continues to drop and staff further assesses the system, other repairs likely will be required over the next couple of months. Staff will continue to update the TCEQ on any discharges and repair efforts, as well as continue their work with the Dallas County Utility and Reclamation District (DCURD) and the Trinity River Authority of Texas (TRA) on water quality monitoring, repairs and cleanup work.

The temporary repair on the sewer system near Lake Carolyn continues to hold. The implementation and permanent repair on the bypass is on hold as a result of the continued flooding along the Elm Fork and the subsequent surcharging and increased pressure in the sanitary sewer system.

Lake Carolyn Water Quality
While DCURD has not cleared Lake Carolyn for recreational use, the water quality has improved dramatically. The dissolved oxygen levels are to a point that the agency suspended dilution and circulation activities. Fish conditions are back to normal. Meanwhile, the city will continue testing and monitoring water quality.

Irving Parks and Trails
While much of Campión Trail remains underwater, we have been able to clean and open Mountain Creek Preserve, Trinity View Park, and Running Bear Park. Twin Wells Golf course’s back nine holes are open. Staff is working to clean and repair the front nine for play.

Meanwhile, the following six parks remain closed due to flooding: Sam Houston, T.W. Richardson Grove, Keenan’s Crossing, Spring Trail Park, Bird’s Fort Trail and California Crossing Park. Once the waters recede, staff will clear debris, repair the structures, clean the area and reopen.

The City of Irving will continue to keep residents, businesses and visitors updated as new information becomes available.

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