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Lake Carolyn, Irving, Texas

While the rains have stopped, the flooding remains throughout North Texas. Even though flood waters have begun to recede slowly, the City of Irving continues to urge residents to steer clear of lakes and rivers.

Parks and Trails
Trinity River flooding heavily affected our parks and trails. All of Campión Trail and the following parks remain closed:

Once waters recede, 11 miles of trail will need to be cleaned and debris cleared.

Trinity View Athletic Complex is still underwater, closing six soccer, four football and three baseball fields. One cricket pitch field also is closed. Certain areas of Twin Wells Golf Course remains underwater as well.

Meanwhile, Running Bear Park is now operational.

Lake Carolyn Update
Repair work
We have positive news regarding the status of the temporary repair to the sanitary sewer system near Lake Carolyn. Two temporary repairs have successfully halted the discharge of wastewater into Lake Carolyn at the damaged lift station manhole. Moreover, the repair held up throughout last weekend’s rains as the river rose and placed additional pressure back on the system.

Status of permanent repair
Work on the permanent fix cannot begin in earnest until water levels drop considerably. Therefore, the permanent repair and bypass pumping operations are pending. Completion of the bypass and the permanent repairs are expected to take up to two months once river levels allow work to begin.

Lake Carolyn water quality
With continued repair integrity as well as the dilution and circulation plan, Lake Carolyn’s water quality will continue to improve as it has over the last week.

  • The dissolved oxygen levels have improved substantially in the spill area as well as over the entire lake. The impact to fish has been reduced significantly.
  • The overall water quality parameters continue to approve. The criteria for recreational contact have not been met. No timeframe is currently definable as to when Lake Carolyn activities may resume.

Flooding Forecast
The National Weather Service is forecasting continued flooding along the Elm Fork Trinity River for at least the next couple of weeks. Lakes Lewisville and Grapevine continue to discharge very high flows over their spillways, and that water feeds into the Elm Fork, which runs through Irving.

Irving’s drinking water supply has not been affected and is safe to drink.

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