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A delegation of Irving officials led by Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne traveled to Austin today to discuss possible state financial assistance to help fund additional research into the recent series of earthquakes that has occurred in the area. The meeting included the Governor’s office, Irving’s legislative representatives as well as representatives from the Lieutenant Governor’s office and Speaker’s office.

“We met with the governor’s office and others to voice our interest in pursuing further study on earthquake causation. In that quakes have occurred in other Texas cities, we believe this is a state issue that needs state attention,” said Mayor Van Duyne. “The exchange of information with officials in Austin today was open and productive, and we greatly appreciate their time, attention and interest.”

Southern Methodist University released a report that identified the epicenter locations of these quakes. The data was collected using seismometers that Irving helped SMU rapidly deploy following the January swarm. SMU seismologists said the earthquake epicenters ran along the Trinity River from north Irving to west Dallas, with the majority of magnitude 3+ earthquakes occurring in Dallas, and none occurring on the former Texas Stadium site, as earlier reported.

The cities of Irving, Dallas, and Coppell are part of a working group established to study hazard response and other issues that might result from quakes should they become larger. However they appear to be following a pattern described by seismologists where swarms become less frequent and cease after peaking. The Irving-Dallas region’s last earthquake occurred Jan. 23, 2015 10:01 a.m. – M1.1 – Location: Dallas – Riverside Drive and Northwest Highway
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More Resources
Residents are highly encouraged to learn more about earthquakes. Below are helpful resources:
Southern Methodist University’s preliminary report released Feb. 6, 2015.
U.S. Geological Survey – U.S. agency that monitors seismic activity.
Texas Railroad Commission – State agency that oversees drilling.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) – U.S. disaster preparedness agency.

The City of Irving understands that residents have questions and concerns related to the earthquakes. It has gathered the information below to share with the community. All of these resources and more can be found online at

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