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The City of Irving is closely monitoring the number of recent, minor earthquakes that have occurred and is taking this matter seriously. The city is working with seismologists at Southern Methodist University who are studying it.

The safety and well-being of Irving residents is paramount to the city and staff members. The city understands that residents have questions about these minor earthquakes and to provide information, the city is sharing answers to some commonly asked questions. Additionally, Brian Stump, Ph.D. and seismology professor at SMU, will be speaking about the earthquakes during the next Irving City Council meeting at 7 p.m. Jan. 15, in the City Council Chambers, 825 W. Irving Blvd.

How many earthquakes have occurred?
Since Oct. 1, we have had 14 earthquakes.

Is this seismic activity new?
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) began monitoring in 2008. Since then, Irving has experienced 50 earthquakes. The city continues to monitor, stay in touch and consult with experts at Southern Methodist University.

What current or past drilling activities have contributed to recent and future earthquakes?
The city is not certain about the cause of these recent, minor earthquakes these past few weeks. Staff is being proactive in enlisting the support of subject-matter experts and seismologists at Southern Methodist University. City staff members are in frequent contact with experts regarding the situation.

Is fracking currently in progress in this area?
Irving’s two gas wells were hydraulically fractured in 2010. There has not been any fracking in Irving since then.

Is there currently drilling-related waste water being pumped into wells and where is this occurring?

How much money has the city received from the gas well sites referenced?
The city received $222,842 to lease the city’s minerals on approximately 47 acres of land related to this well in 2007-2009, prior to any drilling. In the five years that well has existed, the city has received a total of $30,480.19 in royalty payments. Of the two gas wells, the city has not received royalties on one well since 2013 and never received royalties on the second well.

What is the city doing to understand the situation?
A seismometer will be installed the first week of January. The city also is working with geologists to bring in additional equipment as needed to study the area.

Irving is committed to providing information and updates related to seismic activity with the community in a timely manner. For more information, visit:

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