Presented by City of Irving

City of Irving, Texas

Over the past several weeks, Irving has experienced a series of minor earthquakes. These can be unsettling and the City of Irving wants to remind residents that the safety and well-being of residents is paramount.

City of Irving staff has spoken with the United States Geological Survey, national experts on earthquakes, and they have informed us that:

  • Millions of earthquakes occur around the world every year and the vast majority are minor.
  • Irving’s quakes range from 2.1 to 3.3, which is considered minor.
  • The International Residential Code regulates most construction in the United States. Its map lists seismic risk levels and there are seven levels. North Texas is listed at the lowest risk level for seismic activity on the map.
  • Seismologists began measuring earthquakes in North Texas in 2008. As information becomes available, updates will be posted on our website at
  • Irving’s Office of Emergency Management continues to monitor the situation and remains prepared.

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