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Comprehensive Plan in the Works as City Plans for Growth

A leading planning firm has been authorized by council to develop a comprehensive plan for the City of Irving. Community input needed.

What will Irving look like in 15 or 20 years? That is precisely the question city leaders want addressed in the Comprehensive Plan. Like a summary of goals, comprehensive planning sets the framework for the future growth and development of the city.

The existing Comprehensive Plan was created in 1997 and received minor updates in 2008. The plan resulted in increased choice of housing options, major thoroughfare planning and updated development standards in different parts of the city.

Today, Irving finds itself in the heart of what is now one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country. Previous planning has paved the path for pivotal advances in mass transit options and other progress. With such opportunities abounding, city leaders say it’s time to revisit the plan. With a newly completed plan, the city can make informed decisions about budget, capital improvement programs and development standards in line with
one vision.

“Irving is a growing, successful city and we want to build on that success,” said City of Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne. “Having an up-to-date comprehensive plan in place will help us make informed decisions on housing, infrastructure and safety needs.”

The plan takes a thorough look at the city’s existing condition and makes data-driven predictions on development and redevelopment, housing needs and other planning issues. In addition, the plan will examine what impact a growing community will have on mobility, natural resources, land use and educational facilities.

Public Input
Public input will be key to the first phase of Irving’s Comprehensive Plan development, which ramps up early 2015. Through social media, hands-on workshops, neighborhood meetings and other engagement techniques, residents and business owners will have a chance to weigh-in on the look and feel of tomorrow’s Irving. In addition, there will be opportunities for community members to serve on committees.

Other phases include a look at physical components; management and infrastructure; and implementation strategies. The closing phase will be the review and approval process of the final plan.

With experience completing similar plans for East Baton Rouge, La.; Tulsa, Okla.; and the Texas cities of Dallas, Denton and Waco, Fregonese Associates is the firm hired by council to develop Irving’s Comprehensive Plan. Kimley Horn and Associates, JPH Architects, K Strategies and the J. Williams Group will work with Fregonese Associates on the project. Each partner firm specializes in one or more aspects of comprehensive planning.

“In order to properly prepare for the future, we need a long-term plan and we don’t want to plan without community involvement,” said Van Duyne. “This is our chance to participate in the shaping of a brighter, better Irving.”

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