Investor Media Advisory: AT&T


WHAT: When it comes to texting and driving, “It Can Wait.” That is the simple, yet vital message AT&T is sending drivers, especially young teens at Nimitz High School in Irving. To drive home the message, AT&T is bringing two virtual reality simulators to Nimitz High School to let students and faculty experience first-hand the dangers of texting and driving. Students and staff will also be able to take the pledge on-line not to text and drive. This event is part of an essay contest with AT&T, the North Dallas Gazette, and Nimitz that challenged students to write a letter to their parents warning them of the dangers of texting and driving. The winners were announced during a school event on October 15th featuring Dallas County Commissioner Elba Garcia who encouraged the students not to text and drive. The contest winners were: Ali Khoutek (1st Place); Jorge Reyes (2nd Place); and Jennipher Miller (3rd Place).

WHEN: Thursday, October 30th, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Media is invited

WHERE: Nimitz High School (Event to be held in cafeteria)

100 W. Oakdale Rd.

Irving, TX  75060

WHO:  AT&T, students and staff at Nimitz High School, North Dallas Gazette       

VISUALS: Visuals will include the following:

  • High school students, school faculty and staff testing the simulator and learning what happens when they text and drive.
  • News media members are invited to try it as well.
  • Interview opportunities with participants

INFO: The It Can Wait campaign has evolved from an awareness program in 2010 to a social movement today.

  • We’ve gathered more than 2,500 organizations and tens of thousands of individuals to help champion the cause.
  • Together, we’ve helped raise awareness of the dangers of texting and driving to 97 percent or higher for every audience we’ve polled.
  • The It Can Wait pledge campaign has inspired more than five million personal commitments not to text and drive.
  • More than a million people have downloaded the free AT&T DriveMode® app that silences incoming text messages when you’re driving.
  • And preliminary research on crash data from Texas, Florida and Illinois is showing a strong, positive correlation between It Can Wait campaign activities and a projected reduction in crashes.

To further change behaviors and save lives, the campaign will shift in 2014 through the introduction of new social tools geared towards teens to stop texting and driving.

  • We’re introducing a social tool, “#X”, that fits naturally into texting conversations. It means “I’m checking out while I drive. Back soon.”
  • We’ll team with celebrities to help promote awareness and use.
  • We hope #X will give teens and others a socially acceptable way to pause their texting conversations until they’ve arrived safely at their destinations.
  • But whether it’s the DriveMode app, #X, giving the phone to the passenger, or putting it in the console while driving, we’re encouraging everyone to find their own “Drive Mode” – the way that they personally choose to avoid the moment of temptation to text and drive.


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