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Irving ranked second overall in a list of the nation’s 516 fastest-growing cities, and took first for mid-size cities.

A WalletHub study put Irving just behind Mission, Texas, based on 10 criteria, which included overall population growth, working-age population growth (ages 16–64), educational attainment growth, uninsured rate decrease, median household income growth, unemployment rate decrease, job growth, poverty rate decrease, ration of full-time to part-time jobs increasing and growth of regional gross domestic product per capita.

“Irving had a very high percentage of job growth and poverty rate decrease,” said Jill Gonzalez, WalletHub spokesperson. “It also came in top five for highest income growth. It did very well, especially economically and work-focused.”

Frisco and McKinney also ranked in top 25 in the mid-size category, taking ninth and 25th respectively. Mid-size cities are defined in the study as having populations of 100,000 to 300,000 people. Frisco also took 20th in overall rankings. Fort Worth came in 14th in the overall rankings, and second among large cities, defined as places with populations over 300,000. Dallas straggled in 26th for large cities.

“A lot of people are traveling to Dallas to work and then going home to suburbs, and that could be a factor,” Gonzalez said. “Dallas ranked down in the 200s for median income increase where Fort Worth did substantially better in that category by 100 spots. It also did very well in job growth, where Dallas did not.”

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