Fall 2014 is rapidly approaching and the Logistics Technology Program at Northlake College is ready to serve all of your educational needs. We have some exciting changes to the program and are offering all LMGT courses for your convenience.

Our certificate has been changed and we now have two smaller but just as important certificates in place of the larger past one.

Logistics Technician Certificate:

LMGT 1319          Introduction to Business Logistics

LMGT 1345          Economics of Transportation and Distribution

LMGT 1321          Introduction to Material Handling

LMGT 1325          Warehouse and Distribution Center Management

LMGT 1393          Special Topics in Logistics and Material Management

LMGT 1323          Domestic and International Transportation Management


Logistics Professional Certificate:

LMGT 1393          Special Topics in Logistics and Material Management

LMGT 1301          RFID: History and Industrial Applications

LMGT 2334          Principles of Traffic Management

LMGT 1341          Freight Loss and Damage Claims

LMGT 2330          International Logistics Management

POFT 2312           Business Correspondence and Communication

BMGT 2384         Cooperative Education


We also offer all of our courses at different times and opportunities to fit your busy schedule.


Fall Flex Term Schedule Online                                               Fall Fast Track Courses (all online)

September 1 through November 27                                        August 25 through October 17

LMGT 1319*       LMGT 1345                                                              LMGT 1319

LMGT 1321          LMGT 1325                                                             LMGT 1321

LMGT 1393          LMGT 1323                                                            LMGT 1345

LMGT 1301          LMGT 2334                                                          October 20 through December 11

LMGT 1341          LMGT 2330                                                           LMGT 1323

BMGT 2384                                                                                          LMGT 1325

*LMGT 1319 as an on campus course                                             LMGT 1393

With the same start and end dates on Tuesdays

5:45 PM till 7:25 PM at our North Campus.


To register or for more information, please email or call:

Mike Gallaway (mgallaway@dcccd.edu) or Jeff Wendt (jwendt@dcccd.edu) at 972-860-4481.

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