Complimenting its low unemployment rate, the Dallas-Plano-Irving metropolitan area was ranked ninth in the nation by Forbes for the best big cities for jobs in 2014. For its big cities list, Forbes ranked 66 metropolitan statistical areas based on U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics employment data from November 2002 through January 2014. Criteria for the list included recent growth trends, mid-term and long-term growth and each region’s employment momentum. Dallas-Plano-Irving nabbed ninth with a total of 2.2 million jobs in 2013 and 2.8 percent job growth for the year. From 2008–2013, employment grew 6.2 percent. “Total payroll employment for Dallas-Plano-Irving (DPI) was 2,225,500 in March 2014,” said Robert Dye, chief economist for Comerica Bank. “DPI has added about 75,000 jobs over the year ending in March. The smaller we go in geographical scale, the more important key industries and key companies become to their regional economies.”


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