Wal-Mart’s store hiring and training needs are so massive that it believes it can do a better job with a central location. The world’s largest retailer is moving hiring and training from its stores into the Wal-Mart Talent Center for four key entry-level jobs: cashiers, stockers, backroom clerks and cart pushers.

“In Dallas, we have a unique opportunity to impact a lot of stores with consistent hiring and training and improve the process,” said Dacona Smith, vice president over Wal-Mart’s North Texas region. Wal-Mart expects to open more stores here, and its hiring needs are growing, Smith said.

The retailer employs more than 29,000 people just in local stores, not including Sam’s Clubs and distribution centers. So far this year, it has opened four area stores, and two more are in the works for later this year. A Supercenter under construction at Arapaho and Coit Roads will open next year.

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