Mark King, Senior Vice President with Freedom Equity Group, is on a mission in Dallas/Fort Worth to educate families about the importance of free ‘Living Benefits’ with their life insurance coverage.

Living Benefits, King says, is life insurance you don’t have to die in order to use.

“As the newest advance in financial services most people don’t know exists, it’s the insurance check that will help take care of the financial complications from a heart attack, stroke or cancer, giving peace of mind and financial security to loved ones.”

King’s passion for advocating this revolutionary new kind of life insurance stems from witnessing friends suffer not only from unexpected health related issues, but also from the catastrophic expense of modern medicine during their medical recovery.

“Modern medicine is keeping so many more people alive” says King. “When you suffer a critical, chronic or terminal illness, Living Benefits answers the immediate need for avoiding financial stress from hospital/medical bills and loss of income.

99% of adults in America with life insurance do not have Living Benefits. King is on a crusade to educate all who are willing to learn about these free riders and how they can take advantage of the financial resources available.

A good example of these free riders is a 50-year old small business owner, Mixi Li, who received a Living Benefits check for $560,000.93 after doctors diagnosed him with throat cancer.

In December 2010, Li purchased a no-cost Living Benefits rider with a $500,000 universal life policy and a $150,000 term policy. Li had paid only $5,269 in premiums when he received his Living Benefits check totaling $560,000.93. Li was able to cover his treatment, pay off his mortgage and continue to send his son to college.

“I didn’t really believe this could happen until the money from the company was deposited into my bank account,” said Li.

A Harvard study in 2010 blamed medical expenses stemming from a critical illness for 62% of all personal bankruptcies in the United States—78% of those bankruptcies had some form of health insurance. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control predicted in 2011 that three of every four Americans over the age of 40 will experience a critical illness at some point in their future — and they’d survive.

Living Benefits, in most cases, provides the tax-free resources when you need cash the most.  It allows you to cover emergency medical and hospital expenses while maintaining a quality of life,” says King.

Ron Petrinovich President & CEO of FEG comments, “Depending on the blue-chip insurance company selected, one’s financial protection from critical, chronic or terminal illness can be triggered early by 16 different qualifying events for cashing-in a Living Benefits rider.”

“My mission” says King, “is to educate and empower. Should you experience a critical, chronic or terminal illness, I’ll visit you bearing a Get Well card AND a Living Benefits check!”

King conducts free public seminars in Las Colinas to educate consumers on understanding the advantages from Living Benefits life insurance.

“No longer do families with old-fashioned life insurance have to face financial devastation when a policy-holder suffers a heart attack, stroke or invasive cancer—and lives.”

King is a proud member of the Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce and is currently hiring for his office in Las Colinas with plans to expand to five more offices in the DFW area.

A licensed insurance expert, Mark King is a Senior Vice President with Freedom Equity Group and can be contacted at 817-501-0504 or online at

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