Plans are continually being drawn up to replace pipes in many Irving neighborhoods and to improve customer service in areas where infrastructure is showing signs of failure. Projects include master-planned installations, water reuse for irrigation, relocations for transportation projects and investment in future water supplies.

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Team along with the Water Utilities Department have completed the construction of $86.5 million worth of water and wastewater related infrastructure during the past 7 years. Valued at $26 million, there are 16 water and wastewater infrastructure projects under construction. In addition, another $29 million worth of system upgrades are in the planning stages.

One of the latest projects completed resulted in the installation of a new 20-inch water main along Rochelle Boulevard to improve reliability and prepare for population growth in the Las Colinas area and Urban Center. Another project being designed includes the installation of a 48-inch wastewater main along Delaware Creek in southeast Irving to replace two smaller lines that are beginning to fail and need to be upgraded to provide additional capacity.

The City of Irving is also working with the Texas Department of Transportation in the planning and sequencing of utility relocations, which will be required for the pending reconstruction of State Highway 183.

To view a complete list of projects and planned construction locations, visit CIP’s Projects page. For more information on these and other CIP projects, call (972) 721-2611.

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