Texas led the nation in job growth for the fourth straight year in 2013, reflecting the state’s strength and resilience recovering from the recession that ended in mid-2009. The state added 252,400 jobs last year, according to preliminary state-by-state data released Tuesday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The next-closest states were California, with 235,700 new jobs, and Florida, with 192,900. Texas also added the most jobs in December (17,600), followed by Florida (14,100) and California (13,600). “It’s a nice way to end the year,” said Michael T. Wolf, an economist for Wells Fargo. “Year-over-year percentage growth was positive for every major industry in Texas — even government was up. That bodes really well for Texas.” Overall, 49 states gained jobs in 2013. Alaska, which lost 2,300, and the District of Columbia, which lost 600, were the only two places to show declines. North Dakota led the nation in its rate of growth last year, with employment up 4 percent from 2012.

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