Three beautifully crafted pieces from the Irving Heritage Society Klem Miniature Dollhouse Collection are currently on display at the Central Library at 801 West Irving Blvd. for the month of December.

From the estate of Helen Brooks Klem, the collection includes a multi-storied Victorian house and two store fronts;  a toy store and a country store.   Mrs. Klem, an avid hobbyist and miniatures collector, often involved her entire family in creating of the projects.  Her husband and son built the store front structures as well as helped with various accessories.  The detail of each of the buildings and the contents is quite unique.

In an earlier age, it was not uncommon for a wealthy family to hire an artisan to build a dollhouse replica of their home.  These commissioned miniature works of art were proudly and prominently displayed.   After World War II, miniature dollhouses were mass produced in kit form and became very popular with the home hobbyist.  Miniature objects used for decoration inside dollhouses included everything one would typically find in a full-scale house.

The Country Store and Toy Shop are in a storefront format.  These structures create a setting where one easily envisions daily life at an earlier point in time.  The large arrays of miniature items displayed on the shelves of these establishments are interesting to view.

For more information about the Irving Heritage Society visit or call 972-252-3838.

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