Hundreds of homeless dogs and cats are in need of a loving family this holiday season. The Irving Animal Care Campus, 4140 Valley View Lane, is offering residents a special opportunity to open their hearts and homes to animals by becoming foster parents for pets from Dec. 21–Jan. 2.

Fostering allows residents to see if a pet is a good fit for their home and lifestyle before they choose to adopt. In addition, the fostering program gives homeless pets an opportunity to spend the holiday season in a home environment instead of a shelter.

“The biggest success in fostering an animal is what we refer to as ‘foster failure,’” said DFW Humane Society Executive Director Sarah Kammerer. “You take them home, you bond with them, you fall in love and realize you can’t live without them. Then, you come in and adopt. That’s what we’re hoping happens to these animals. But, if not, at least they get a home for the holidays.”

Following the fostering period, families have the option of adopting a pet for the normal fee. For more information, call (972) 721-7788 or (972) 721-2256.

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