Instead of closing on Dec. 4 as anticipated, the contract postal unit at Office Product Warehouse (OPW) on Main Street in the Heritage District will remain open for another year with the help of a $26,000 subsidy approved by the Irving City Council on Nov. 7.

Responding to a petition from businesses and residents of the area, the City passed a resolution giving OPW $2,000 a month from the Economic Development Fund from December 2013 to December 2014. The building’s landlord agreed to chip in, as well, and is reducing the business’ rent.

In 2011, OPW President, Vic Aubey expanded the office supply store at the City’s request to include a contract postal unit.

“The council felt it was essential that we had a post office down there to attract business and try and build up our heritage district,” said City Councilmember Tom Spink.

Aubey agreed to the proposal, hoping to channel more businesses through his office supply store. However, despite hundreds of visits per week related to the post office, he has not been able to recoup the contract unit’s cost.

“Originally the City asked me to do it as a favor to them and the idea was to get traffic coming through here and boost my office supply stuff but that didn’t happen,” Aubey said. Currently, the Council does not have plans to make the subsidy a long-term arraignment. “We’re going to see what comes of it and go from there,” Spink said.

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