Yarn bombing is a creative and non-permanent way to bring art to urban spaces. Originating in Texas in the early 2000s, it celebrates the trend of do-it-yourself crafts, and also brings color and fun to urban spaces. Buses in Mexico City, bridges in New York, statues in Bali, and colleges in Austin have all been yarn bombed – and over the weekend, a group of employees at Irving-based VHA Inc., located at 290 E. John Carpenter Freeway, bought the trend back to its home state.

A select group of employees from the VHA family of businesses realized a shared fondness for knitting and worked for months to prepare this installation, which celebrates their new office space. The knitters secretly wrapped 18 parking bollards and 16 trees, and installed more than 1,000 knitted pompom flowers in 170 vases throughout the building over the weekend, much to the surprise of employees on Monday morning. VHA is proud to celebrate its employee’s creativity and artistic passions with this installation.

Pictured below: The exterior and interior of VHA’s Irving headquarters, which was yarn bombed over the weekend.

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