With more than 100 open positions across the HOLT CAT territory, covering 118 counties in Texas, HOLT has recruiters out in full force. This week the company signed a memorandum of agreement with the US Army Partnership for Youth Success Program (PaYS).

Through PaYS, HOLT will provide priority interview consideration to Army soldiers who have completed one term of enlistment. The company will have access to a database of first-time enlisters, where the company can submit job posts, gather resumes and interview military men and women as they make the decision to re-enlist or enter the civilian workforce.

According to Peter John Holt, General Service Manager of the Machine Division and son of Peter M. Holt, CEO and Owner of HOLT CAT, “What veterans bring to the table is what every American company needs: strong values and a core work ethic. At HOLT, our values-based leadership culture leads to successful careers for our employees, and that is something we take pride in.”

Currently, approximately 17 percent of HOLT’s employee base is former military and the company is a strong supporter of veterans and reserves in the workforce.


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