Early voting ends TOMORROW. The Chamber urges you to vote early and vote FOR Prop 3 and Prop 6.

Click here for a list of early voting locations near you.

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The Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber is proud to be part of the coalition to pass Proposition 6, a constitutional amendment that authorizes funding to implement Texas’ 50-year State Water Plan. The Texas Legislature created the fund, and now Texas voters have to approve the expenditure. Below are 6 reasons why this is good for Texas.

6 Reasons to Vote FOR Prop 6

  1. Provides local control for our community to manage local water projects;
  2. Preserves public health and our local quality of life;
  3. Uses shared state resources to ensure water supplies in our area;
  4. Does not raise taxes, because it will use money that’s already been set aside;
  5. Protects our community and area farmers and ranchers during times of drought; and
  6. Establishes the water supplies needed to create new jobs and grow our local economy.

Visit www.watertexas.com for more information and to sign up for emails on this important issue, follow @WaterTexas on Twitter and like Water Texas on Facebook.com/WaterTexas to keep up to date on important issues related to Proposition 6 and how you can help preserve Texas water for future generations.

 Proposition 3 is a constitutional amendment that will increase the number of days business inventory, such as aircraft parts, may be warehoused in Texas without being subject to an inventory tax.

With voters’ approval, local governments can permit Texas aerospace and aircraft manufacturing companies to warehouse parts in Texas for two years without penalty, instead of the current six-month limit.

Today, Texas is one of only 11 states that levy a general property tax on inventory.

The current property tax on inventory chases business out of Texas. It forces businesses to ship parts in from out of state warehouses, driving up costs. In some cases, companies are moving operations out of Texas.

Prop 3 will remove a tax provision that is out of step with the rest of the country.

Texas ranks top three nationally in aerospace and aircraft manufacturing with over 240 companies across the state. The aerospace and aircraft manufacturing sector also contributes $49 billion to our state’s economy and supports 200,000 jobs.

The Chamber urges you to vote FOR Proposition 3 and for the continued growth of our economy and of our aerospace and aviation industries.

To learn more about the importance of Prop 3, visit www.supportprop3texas.com or follow the Prop 3 campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

Please remember to VOTE EARLY tomorrow and VOTE FOR Prop 3 and Prop 6!

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