From technology helping patients walk, to doctors relying on robots, it’s all part of medicine’s future. And Tuesday, hospital representatives and doctors from across the country were in north Texas to get a glimpse of this next stage of patient care.

For just two hours the Irving Convention Center looked more like a science fair with the future of medicine on display.

A wearable bionic suit is helping Tamara Mena walk. Nearly eight years ago she was involved in a freak car crash in California. She says, “We thought we would be safer grabbing a taxi we were almost there and we struck a horse standing in the middle of the road.” The 27-year-old still can’t walk on her own, but for just a few moments, the suit allows her to take a few steps. She says, “I instantly feel empowered it just feels really cool I feel taller.” From bionics to robots in hospitals, this expo is helping showcase some modern medical marvels. Kelton Temby with InTouch Health says, “You put this in the hospital and the hospital can provide new services so they can have new types of specialist available. It basically prevents you from needing to be shipped to another hospital or put in a helicopter.”

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