Healthy Irving senior citizens over the age of 65 can adopt a pet from the Irving Animal Care Campus at no charge. Many older people experience loneliness and isolation in their golden years due to loss of a life-partner or through their grown children having busy lives in other cities. What better way to enjoy life again than by adopting a senior pet?

Senior pets are classified as being 5 years old or more and having fully developed personalities. Unlike puppies or kittens, older pets have been potty-trained and spayed or neutered. All adopted pets come with a collar, start-up food and necessary supplies. Adopting from the Irving Animal Care Campus ensures that these pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations and have been observed for a time to determine their personality.

When an older citizen decides to bring a new pet into their home, they can be assured that these pets are ready for their new “forever” home. Their behavior is consistent and their diets are known. It is especially important for senior pets to find homes where they will feel safe and secure while providing their new owner companionship and unconditional love.

Studies show that pets help senior citizens to get more exercise and to require less routine doctor visits. Pets love to be loved…it’s a simple as that. And pets can create enjoyment by their mere antics during the course of a day. They can be funny, too: they may decide sleeping with a nose in your slippers is warm, or playing in the sprinkler is a great way to pass the time. Whatever pet you choose, you are sure to enjoy the company.

Cats can offer purrs of contentment and dogs can offer a feeling of safety. Your adopted pet doesn’t care if you are thick or thin, tall or short; they don’t care if you walk fast or slow…they love you for who you are.

Pets can offer a big reward … better health and happiness in general and remember, you will be saving a life – that of a shelter animal on borrowed time. So many times people adopt young pets and then tire of them, dropping them off at a shelter or merely turning them loose in the street. You can make a difference by bringing them home to love you.

If you would like to know more about Irving Animal Care Center’s Seniors for Seniors pet adoption program, you can contact them at 972-721-2257 or view animals waiting for you at their website. You can also view available pets at the DFW petfinders link (select IRVING, TX in the Location box and SENIOR in the Age box. If you would like to visit their facilities, they are located at 4140 Valley View Lane in the Irving 75038 zip code.

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