Janabeth Allen’s three children struggled with being bilingual. But that was in the beginning. “They had a hard time early on, but it’s definitely well worth it,” she said. Allen’s two daughters, Tawny, 13, and Hanna, 11, and son, Jace, 7, participate in the Irving ISD’s bilingual program, which features instruction in both English and Spanish. Allen, a special-education assistant at Farine Elementary School, said she and her husband decided to place all three of their native English-speaking children in the optional program in kindergarten to “give them a leading edge in business, their careers and their future.” The dual-language program began in fall 2003 at north Irving’s Brandenburg Elementary, said Marie Mendoza, the district’s director of world languages. Today, there is a waiting list for the program at Brandenburg, said principal Yanira Oliveras.

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