Here’s the latest from Avi Selk about the entertainment complex: After a contentious vote in July to partner with a private company to build a $165 million entertainment complex in Las Colinas, the Irving City Council approved several items Thursday to formalize the deal. In a series of mostly 5-4 votes, the council approved a lease agreement with the ARK Group nearly identical to a plan discussed in July. The company, which will pay about half the center’s construction cost, will lease it from the city for $1 a year for 30 years. ARK can extend the lease up to 99 years, but will have to pay $500,000 in rent after the first 30 years, and more in subsequent decades. The council also approved a booking agreement with ARK, and reimbursements and tax breaks worth tens of millions of dollars for the company. None differed significantly from the deal the council approved in July.

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