The pitch: nearly 700 spacious new houses, winding streets and parks wedged among a state highway, a 24-hour freight lot and a busy airport runway. City leaders weighing the project are split between those who think it sounds like a terrible place to live and those who figure people would move there regardless. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport’s northern tip is in a great school district, after all, they said. The developer has plans to muffle the roar of jets and semi trucks. And houses seem to sell quickly in Irving, no matter where they are. After weeks of lobbying and debate, the City Council passed the plan 7-2 over the objections of airport executives and the city’s zoning committee. Only Allan Meagher and Joe Putnam were opposed. “I can’t believe the consumer will be buying this $300,000 to $600,000 home and not know what they’re getting themselves into,” council member John Danish said before joining the yes votes.

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