Bread Zeppelin has opened a restaurant at Royal and MacArthur in North Irving. The company offers customized chopped salad in freshly baked artisan baguettes or bowls. The baguettes, which are from Empire Bakery in Dallas, are hollowed out to be filled with an array of ingredients–up to 40 are offered along with about 20 dressings.  The concept was developed by Troy Charhon and Andrew Schoellkopf, friends from their days at Episcopal School of Dallas. The Irving location is their first, with plans for others to follow. “We had been reading about the chopped salad craze in the Northeast and realized we had a great opportunity to jump into an untapped market in Dallas,” Scholellkopf said in a news release.  They ditched the tortilla wrap for the baguette and the Zeppelin was born–a hallowed out container. The restaurant is at 6440 N. MacArthur Blvd. Hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week.

Call 469-359-2661 or Visit

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