Drivers headed to and from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport will soon be able to zip through more quickly and cheaply, thanks to newly renovated toll plazas. Beginning Aug. 26, vehicles with North Texas Tollway Authority TollTags will have more automated lanes to pass through. Also, TollTag users will automatically get a 50 percent discount on the “pass through” charge for brief visits to the airport, dropping the charge from $2 to $1. And they’ll qualify for a $2-a-day discount on terminal parking. “We’re going to change the way people come into and out of the airport,” said D/FW spokesman David Magana. He noted that the improvements represent the first major change to the airport’s entry and exit plazas in 40 years. The number of lanes staffed with workers in booths will stay the same, and drivers without TollTags can still pay with cash, credit cards or debit cards. Drivers who do pay with credit cards will be able to use unmanned lanes designated for them. In the automated lanes, which won’t be staffed, customers with questions will be able to speak to an airport employee via an intercom. TollTags can be purchased online, at an NTTA office and at several area retailers, but not at the airport.
Even the automated lanes will still have gates that drop down after each car passes through, and drivers will still have to stop or slow down greatly to wait for those gates. That could change later. D/FW isn’t through making entry and exit more convenient, according to officials. “Sometime in the future people will probably be able to zip through without slowing down,” said Dean Ahmad, the airport’s assistant vice president of parking.
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