The Dallas-Fort Worth area are seeing such a profound and consistent increase in home value as Irving, Texas. Located just 12 miles west of downtown Dallas off of I-35, the growing city of about 220,000 residents has seen median home prices on an exponential rise since March 2013, and unlike the current leveling out that much of the national market has seen over the past month, Irving is showing few signs of cooling off. Prudential Texas Properties reports that a July 1 report from analytics company Altos Research saw the median list price of Irving homes at $279,950. This is part of the steep and consistent rise Irving home listing prices have seen since the median list price was roughly $215,000 in March of 2013. That’s an increase of about $65,000 on average, or 23 percent, over just four months. It’s also the highest median list price the Irving home market has ever seen, according to Altos. As the research company concluded in its July 1 Irving report, “The market continues to get hotter. More sales demand and fewer homes listed have contributed to a relatively long run of increasing prices. Current supply and demand levels show no sign of prices changing from their current trend.” … Another amazing thing to consider is how much value Irving homes have accrued in just the last few years alone.

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