When Louisville, Ky.-based Humana Inc. decided to locate its new mail order pharmacy call center and support operation in Irving, it was an obvious economic boon. “We were competing with other major Midwest cities for the business,” said Tommy Gonzalez, Irving’s city manager, in an email to the Dallas Business Journal. “Humana already has an existing operation, LifeSynch, in Irving that employs 500. The decision to locate a second operation underscores our ability to attract, care for and grow big business in our city.” Humana’s new facility will be managed by RightSource. With these additional workers, Humana will have 2,500 employees in North Texas. How important is this new center to Irving? Take a look at the numbers: Jobs: 625 real estate: 115,000 square feet lease improvements: $7.5 million business personal property: $6 million Source: City of Irving

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