When State Farm Insurance signed leases for more than 2.5 million square feet of office space in the past year, Dallas-Fort Worth real estate sources speculated the insurance company was up to something big. Now, the Bloomington, Ill.-based company says it plans to expand its established presence in Dallas, Atlanta and Phoenix into three major regional offices to streamline its business. Even though there’s been speculation in Dallas that State Farm could be looking to move its headquarters to Dallas, a spokeswoman with the company confirms that State Farm’s headquarters will remain in Bloomington. “As it has done throughout its 90-year history, State Farm continues to review its facilities, looking to ensure employees are in the right places to provide the best service possible for our customers,” State Farm spokeswoman Patti Kelly said. “Customers’ expectations continue to evolve and we need to adapt as those expectations change.” The insurance company will continue to operate in Dallas to serve its customers, she said. The company’s review of its real estate options is ongoing, she said. State Farm has had an operations center in North Texas since the mid-1990s. It currently has 2,000 employees in Dallas-Fort Worth.


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