The City of Irving has recently received phones calls from elderly citizens inquiring about a conservation company, Energy Conservation of Ft. Worth, that has called them inquiring about coming to their homes for a survey or examining their homes for energy problems. The citizens have been offered a $5000.00 payment. The City of Irving has no solicitor’s permits on file at this time related to this company. Be careful about these types of offers and check them through the Better Business Bureau before moving forward. Residents are reminded to always use caution when approached by door-to-door solicitors in your neighborhood. Solicitors are required to obtain a permit from the City of Irving and should be able to produce identification and permit information when asked. Homeowners should never invite solicitors into their home. Do not be lured by monetary offers to participate in their program. Residents are encouraged to call the Irving Police non-emergency phone number 972-273-1010 if they are approached by unpermitted solicitors.

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