A 21-year-old North Texas amateur boxer who has not lost a fight in Texas for the last seven years is preparing to turn professional. George Rincon, 21, credits the Irving Police Department Athletic League with helping him grow as a boxer for more than a decade. He and his younger brother began training at the Irving Police Athletic League from an early age. “He has not lost a fight in the state of Texas in the last seven years,” said Rosario Solis, PAL director. Rincon said his fifth state title in a row put him in Texas history. Winning first place in the 2012 National Golden Gloves was one of his biggest accomplishments so far, he said. Rincon said he has to make lots of sacrifices in order to be at the top of his game — “no going out, definitely have to watch what you eat, no more fatty foods, no more McDonald’s, watching the weight [and] making sure [I’m] getting my rest.” Rincon, who says boxing is a mental game, is not relaxing because of his recent success. Instead, he’s focused on his next tournament, which is just days away. He will head to Spokane, Wash., on Thursday morning to compete in the USA Boxing National Championships.



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