Speaker Joe Straus appointed Members of the Texas House to 38 standing committees and three select committees for the 83rd Legislature on January 31, 2013.

“Throughout this process, I considered Member’s individual expertise and strengths to address our state’s challenges, and to ensure the House committees reflect the geographic and demographic diversity of Texas,” Straus said. “These appointments will allow every Member of the Texas House to make a meaningful contribution to the serious work of this legislative session.”

In addition to the committees approved by Members in the House rules, Straus is creating three select committees: The Committee on Criminal Procedure Reform, the Committee on Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility, and the Committee on transparency in State Agency Operations.

Over the last several months, Straus has highlighted a number of priorities that will fuel private-sector growth, including education, water, transportation, and an improved capacity for manufacturing. He has also worked with Members over the last year to make the state budget more transparent and accountable to taxpayers.

“All of the committee appointments highlight the House’s strong mix of the experienced leaders and newer Members who are ready to take on greater responsibility,” Straus said. “After traveling around the state to visit with Members before the session and talking to them over the last few weeks, I am very encouraged that the House is ready to tackle the serous challenges our state faces.”

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