The city of Irving may be the safest it’s ever been.  The crime rate hit an historic low in 2012, which was also the 8th straight year Irving’s total crimes have gone down. Irving recorded three homicides last year and 28 sexual assaults.  Most crimes were non-violent property crimes. Altogether, 6815 crimes were reported, down nearly 500 from 2011. “The biggest reductions were burglaries and the theft categories which include car burglaries as well,” according to Irving Police Chief Larry Boyd. Chief Boyd says his commanders meet every other week to spot  trends and redeploy to hot spots.  They recently broke up a residential burglary ring from Houston. Though car burglaries are down they’re still among the most prolific crimes. Chief Boyd says the areas most likely to generate crimes are where people and vehicles meet, like shopping centers and apartments. According to reports, 60% of Irving residents live in apartments. Police work with owners to try to head off problem areas. One bright spot is the Britain Way Apartments, a ’60s-era complex recently renovated but taking many cues from police.  “We’ve taken different measures in terms of landscaping,” says owner Deepak Sulakhe adding, “in terms of lighting and highlighted those areas so we don’t have any criminal activities going on.”


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