Two Irving ISD schools, Nimitz High School and Singley Academy have been chosen to be two of 17 international schools to participate in a two-year pilot program developed by the College Board’s Advanced Placement Program® (AP®) and Cambridge International Examinations.

Beginning in the 2013-2014 school year, 125 Irving ISD high school juniors will have the opportunity to take a one-year seminar course exploring a specific topic from a global perspective as part of the AP | Cambridge Capstone Program. The seminar course includes a written exam, a presentation, and a team project. The senior year will be built off the research and critical thinking skills developed in the seminar.  Each participant would undertake a year-long, mentored research project culminating in a 4,500-5,000-word paper.

Singley Academy principal David Saenz remarks, “At Singley Academy, we are honored to be one of the schools involved in this prestigious program.  This will give our students an even greater opportunity to come out of high school and be better prepared for the challenges they will face as they go off to college.”

Colleges and universities put an increasingly high value on students’ ability to engage in critical thinking and independent research. Participation in the AP | Cambridge Capstone Program is intended to give Irving ISD students a greater chance to move on to higher education with a stronger foundation in research, open debate, collaborative teamwork, and the 21st-century knowledge and skills essential for success in college.

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