Following the Governor’s State of the State address, Bill Hammond, President and CEO of the Texas Association of Business shared the statement below.

“Governor Perry set a course for this state in his address that will keep Texas moving in the right direction economically and will keep the Texas business climate the strongest in the country,” said Bill Hammond, President and CEO of the Texas Association of Business. “I am especially happy that the Governor supports funding the statewide water plan and using Rainy Day Fund money for new transportation projects as well as calling for an end to diversions to the state highway fund. I am also encouraged by the Governor’s tax cutting message and his support of making the franchise tax exemption for small businesses permanent. We also agree with the Governor when he calls for the creation of more public charter schools and scholarship programs to give students in low performing schools a choice over which school they attend.”

Governor Perry’s State of the State address really focused on the top priorities of this state that will keep our economy and business climate strong.  Perry launched a website designed to gauge support for numerous tax cutting ideas.  Here is the website link:

The website will be taking votes for the next six weeks.

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