An Irving city staff proposal recommends the City Council raise the amount of alcohol that restaurants are allowed to sell to 70 percent of annual sales in Las Colinas and 60 percent everywhere else in the city. The new proposal displeased Mayor Beth Van Duyne. She had expected the council to vote Thursday on her own plan, which she unveiled earlier this month after much public debate between South Irving residents who want to keep a 31-year-old law limiting alcohol sales to 40 percent and business owners who say the law cripples restaurants. The developer for a $125 million retail development planned in Las Colinas has warned the project could fall apart if the alcohol limit isn’t raised by Thursday. The mayor’s plan would keep the old law in place for most of south Irving but allow restaurants in Las Colinas and some northern neighborhoods to petition the council for higher limits. “For some reason all of a sudden it was changed,” said Van Duyne. The city staff’s new plan “is not going to be acceptable and it’s not going to be supported. I think it’s a waste of our council’s time.”

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