For the first time in 50 years, the sizzle is silent at Griff’s Hamburgers on Irving Boulevard.  The iconic burger joint, which opened in the A-frame building in 1963, closed its doors for a rebuild on Jan. 1. The fast-food restaurant will be demolished soon to make way for a drive-thru on a more modernized building. But one thing is sure to remain the same — the sign. Griff’s of America’s mascot Griffy will stay perched on top of original 1963 sign that will continue to adorn Irving Boulevard. Griff’s trademark orders over the loudspeaker will also remain. “The taste will remain the same and our customers can expect the same great service,” said Ida White, Griff’s Irving unit manager who has worked at the store 20 years. Harvey Fattig, Griff’s of America vice president, said the Irving location will be demolished Feb. 4 or 7, but will be back up and running in mid-May. “It’s a profitable location and well-known in the community,” Fattig said. “It’s a good investment for us because it’s a vibrant area.” Fattig said Griff’s of America is working on renovating and upgrading seven of its Dallas-Fort Worth locations. Most recently the Garland location on Jupiter Road was upgraded. “We have a new sign, but the city of Irving requested we keep the original sign because it fits in with the heritage of the city.”

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